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Integrative Anesthesiology (IA) publishes peer review articles in the fields of anaesthesiology, intensive care, pain and emergency medicine to cover all the aspects including original articles, editorials, reviews, commentaries and case reports.

The journal aims to bring out peer reviewed articles on the latest advances in drugs, preoperative preparation, patient monitoring, pain management, pathophysiology, and many other timely topics. It features on fundamental advances in clinical disciplines and documenting the clinical, administrative, and educational advances that guide therapy. The journal also focuses on evidential reports that not only highlights the new observations and results accompanied by innovative and advanced treatments including disease mechanisms and important clinical observations.

Discussions of the Journal includes,

  • General Anesthesia
  • Chronic Pain Management
  • Critical Care
  • Intensive Care Medicine
  • Local Anesthesia
  • Obstetric Anesthesia
  • Paediatric Anesthesia
  • Pain Management
  • Sedation
  • Surgery Anesthesia
  • Caesarean Anesthesia
  • Anesthesia Complications

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