An Editorial board is an indispensible and valuable resource for SCIAEON journals. Our editors are experts in their respective fields and shoulder the sole responsibility for the transparency and completion of the peer review process thoroughly. Their role is to handle the peer review of manuscripts, recommend on the acceptance or rejection of a paper, invite and draw high-quality submissions.

General duties and responsibilities of editors

  1. Editors should rationalize and put in efforts to process submitted manuscripts efficiently, transparently and on time. They are accountable for all the content published in their journals.
  2. Editors ought to make sure that they meet the needs of readers and authors and constantly be in touch to improve the journal impact and to assure the quality of the material they publish.
  3. Should be willing to publish corrections and clarifications when needed. Should be able to shoulder the responsibility of any misconduct.
  4. Journal editors must keep the peer review process confidential. Information or correspondence about a manuscript should not be shared with anyone outside of the group associated with the peer review process. 

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