Manuscript Preparation

The manuscript preparation guidelines should pay Careful attention to these guidelines will help ensure that your manuscript will move through the peer-review process smoothly and quickly.

Submissions to SCIAEON consist of the following components:

Article Types & Format

In general the Manuscripts are classified in to following groups based on the criteria noted below. The authors are encouraged to request a particular classification upon submitting (please include this in the cover letter); however the Editor and the Associate Editor retain the right to classify the manuscript as they see fit, and it should be understood by the authors that this process is subjective to some degree. The chosen classification will appear in the printed manuscript above the manuscript title.


Letter to the Editor




Technology/Application (or Case Studies)

Case Series

Case Reports

Case in Images

Clinical Images

Policy Bridge

General Instructions for Figures

    The following file formats are accepted for figures submitted to SCIAEON: JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, GIF, and Power Point, Please provide figure legends.

    Figures should be numbered consecutively according to the order in which they have been first cited in the text.

    Figure files should have a minimum of 300 pixels per inch (ppi) if in color or halftone, or at 1200 ppi if as line art. Digital scanned line drawings should have a minimum resolution of 800 dpi. Figures containing color should be in RGB (millions of colors), 8 bits per channel. No other color space is allowed, such as CMYK, indexed, or bitmap. Save grayscale or RGB files with a depth of 8 bits per channel, not 16.

Table Preparation

Reference Style Guide

    The purpose of a reference list is to enable sources to be easily traced by another reader. Different types of publication require different amounts of information but there are certain common elements such as authorship, year of publication and title.

    Any reference that is cited only in the tables or figures legends should be numbered according to the first identification of the table or figure in the main text in continuation with the sequence of citation numbering.

    Each reference must have a reference number. Reference should not be used in titles, headings or abstract. Use complete names for non-indexed journals.

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