SCIAEON is dedicated to develop and propel learning through scientific communication and dissemination of research data through a reliable platform by providing unhindered access to the scientific literature to the scientific community in this rapidly growing and highly competitive field of research to disseminate the current updates in various and inter-disciplinary field of Science and Technology by utilizing peer-reviewed open access. Our journals contribute to the growth and progress of scientists, scholars, researchers, learned societies, Universities and research institutions in their different fields of learning. Our group of devoted editors will guarantee the nature of the distributed research articles and topics. Readers will have complete access to the articles with no cost to avail benefits of the open access to enhance their scientific understanding.

SCIAEON will uphold and preserve the privileges and rights of the authors for every article and will also address their requirements from time to time, and promote a quick, helpful, fair, and complete distribution, which will not only ensure the salient qualities, convenient associates, audits but also additional assessment framework that includes entire research group and with this mission, SCIAEON applies advanced Internet technologies to take academic research and journals into another era, keeping the quality, author rights and the principal of open access journals underpinning our mission.

SCIAEON believes in application of differing qualities of practicalities, reasoning, techniques and approaches to the initiate and develop the scientific knowledge.


We, at SCIAEON put in our effort and aim to be one of the distinctive and distinguished vaults of scientific research articles and scientific communications using our open access to associate, communicate and discuss the latest advancements with experts and their organizations, we will thereby contribute to ever growing knowledge in science and technology. SCIAEON shoulders the generic liaison of science and technology with innovation for the present and future researchers, driving the advances of science and innovation by sharing information to elevate scientific understanding among young researchers.

We put our stock in the crowd sourcing development and consider ourselves a synergistic distributer of open access journals with our vision, to create a virtual world of filled with essential and original scientific research where every researcher belonging to related fields of science and technology has an equal chance and opportunity to look, share and provide information. Being a minimal effort scholarly distributer we, at SCIAEON offer the reduced article handling charges for all research papers.

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